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Business Fibe TV Support

Receiver and remote controls

Why is my Wireless Receiver asking me to “Connect”?

If your Wireless Receiver is displaying the message, “Connect”, it may have lost its pairing to the Wireless Receiver Transmitter (VAP2500) and will need to be paired again.
1. Locate the Wireless Receiver Transmitter (VAP2500)
o The unit is most likely located near your Business Fibe Modem, and connected via an Ethernet connection.
2. Verify that the transmitter is plugged into the Business Fibe modem via Ethernet cable and plugged into an AC outlet. Also, confirm that the power switch on the back is set to the ON position.
3. Wait a couple of minutes and verify that the Wi-Fi light on the Transmitter is on or flashing.
4. On the front of the transmitter, press the WPS button to initiate the pairing.
5. You will then have two minutes to go to the wireless receiver and press the OK button on the front.
The Wireless receiver should start-up and should resume normal operation within 5 minutes.

Last updated: October 27, 2014