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Managed network protection services

Keep your mission-critical data safe and secure

Managed network protection services from Bell offer fully managed, turnkey solutions that keep you protected 24/7 and help you achieve your organization’s overall security and compliance objectives.

Leveraging the extensive resources and expertise of one of the largest security practices in Canada, our network protection services let you safeguard confidential customer and supplier information, intellectual property and other key data assets.

Six reasons to choose Bell Managed Network Protection services

Backed by our experience in developing the policies you need to comply with complex national and international regulations, Bell Managed Network Protection services let you:


Rely on our expertise to identify more threats, faster.

Because we manage and secure the largest communications network in Canada, we have unique, wide-ranging visibility into threats against your network. This helps us identify issues before they reach your network and reduces response time when incidents do occur.


Work with our experts to define and achieve your security requirements.

We have experience securing the networks of Canadian organizations with the most stringent requirements, including those in the government, banking and defence sectors, so we know how to comply with complex national and international regulations while deploying and managing advanced technologies.


Depend on our certified professionals to better protect your business.

We have more than 300 experienced and accredited security professionals with advanced security certifications including CIPPIC, CISA, CISM, CISSP and OSSTMM.


Combine all your security needs into a single point of contact with our diverse offerings.

Focus on your core business knowing your network is secured by a trusted partner that can meet all your security requirements, integrate solutions into your business environment, and provide ongoing management and maintenance of your security infrastructure.


Stay fully informed with proactive monitoring and incident notification.

Our security experts proactively monitor, track and respond to incidents affecting your network. You receive notification and reporting on all security-related incidents, allowing you to see historical views and mitigate attacks faster.


Enjoy enhanced visibility, control and responsiveness through our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) service.

Bell Security Information and Event Management service lets you benefit from the enhanced monitoring and analysis of correlated security events from various data sources across your entire network, IT and security infrastructure. Our best-in-class methodologies ensure you meet security and compliance requirements specific to your business and that security threats are identified and mitigated rapidly.

Key components of Managed Network Protection services from Bell

Protect organizational communications

Bell Managed Firewall services

Bell Managed Firewall services lets you protect organizational communications that are sensitive, confidential and critical in nature. It secures your corporate information assets from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. By outsourcing time-consuming and costly firewall management to Bell, you can focus on your core business needs. You have 24/7 access to security experts through our bilingual help desk.

Bell Managed Intrusion Detection and Protection service

Ideal for enterprises with limited in-house security resources, Bell Managed Intrusion Detection and Protection (IDS/IPS) service from Bell protects sensitive mission-critical networks from intrusion attempts. It reduces high network monitoring costs and offers a timely and effective incident response. You’ll immediately be notified of any malicious activity attempts and have access to security experts through Bell’s help desk.

Bell Managed Intrusion Detection and Protection service

Bell Managed Authentication service

Bell Managed Authentication service is a cost-effective solution that ensures employees are identified and authorized before they can access their organization's network remotely. Combined with a managed VPN connection service, users can securely connect to the network from any remote location, and enjoy 24/7 access to security experts.

Bell Managed Authentication service
Bell Managed VPN

Bell Managed VPN service

Managed VPN service enables anytime access to your corporate network securely from an Internet-enabled device. Internet-based communications between offices are encrypted to protect messages during transfer. Service monitoring with optional management eliminates the overhead costs of tracking updates and patching VPN devices, and provides 24/7 access to our security experts.

Risk consultation, security device management and security event management and reporting

Bell Managed Security Information and Event Management

Bell Managed Security Information and Event Management provides risk consultation, security device management, correlation of security, IT and network data, as well as security event management and reporting. With this service, Bell security experts manage your security devices and events 24/7, virtually extending your organization’s current security processes and resources.

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Bell is a recognized leader in security

Bell is a recognized leader in security, committed to protecting businesses and their customers

With cyber attacks becoming an increasing problem for organizations, protecting your network and customers is more important than ever.

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