Protect your network and your business

Proactive security against current and developing cyber threats

Your network is essential to your business – which makes securing it against viruses, malware and cyber threats imperative. Network security services from Bell protect your business with defences embedded directly in our network that stop DDoS attacks and other cyber threats quickly. Plus, we leverage Canadian specific threat intelligence in our services to help you stay protected as the cyber threat landscape changes. Our unique network-based approach to security also allows us to efficiently manage security issues, load balancing and recovery with built-in redundancy to ensure 24/7 availability.

How your business can benefit from network security services from Bell

Reduce risk

Minimize impact

Rapid detection

Canadian focus

Defend your business from malicious disruption with Bell Network DDoS Security

The Bell Network DDoS Security service keeps your business connected, available and secure with proactive protection that stops attacks of any size, source or duration before they reach your network.

Rapid detection and mitigation

Proactive prevention

Detailed reporting

Rapid detection and mitigation

Our service monitors network traffic in real time to detect DDoS attacks and automatically begins mitigating them within 30 seconds to keep your business online.

Proactive prevention with in-line detection

Bell’s DDoS security works at the network level. That means we can stop attacks before they reach your business – with no on-premises equipment for you to manage.

Detailed reporting

Inform risk management decisions with access to detailed reports about your business’ unique threat landscape and details about past attacks – all through a single intuitive dashboard.

Why Bell is better for network security

Canada’s largest IP network

Operating Canada’s largest communications network, we can aggregate large amounts of data and analyze traffic patterns to help prevent attacks.

24/7 protection

We provide real-time security monitoring, management and mitigation to ensure your business network is secure at all times.

Unique threat insights

We combine our own network data with insights from leading intelligence organizations for a unique Canadian threat perspective.

End-to-end support

Our team of more than 400 certified security professionals can help you keep your business network and data protected with bilingual, 24/7 support.

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