Total Business Wi-Fi: bring fast Wi-Fi to every corner of your business.

Get enhanced coverage and the best speeds available throughout your work space with our Wi-Fi pods.

Easily manage your Wi-Fi network including guest access, password updates and more with the Bell Wi-Fi app.

Diagram representing Bell Wi-Fi Pod coverage throughout a business.

Wall-to-wall coverage

Total Business Wi-Fi delivers fast, wall-to-wall Internet thanks to our Wi-Fi pods. They work together as a team to create a seamless, powerful and reliable Wi-Fi network throughout your business.

Smart network

Always get the strongest signal and the best speeds available with Total Business Wi-Fi. Our smart Wi-Fi continuously optimizes your network thanks to our combination of band steering and channel hopping technologies.

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Bell Wi-Fi app

Easily manage your Wi-Fi network including guest access, password updates and more.

Set up your network
Set up your network

Easily install your pods yourself by following the directions from the app.

Monitor performance
Monitor performance

View signal strength and test your connection speed.

Manage access
Manage access

Grant different access rights for employees and visitors as well as set up access schedules by user group.

Enhance your coverage with our Wi-Fi pods.
Wi-Fi pods Wi-Fi pods lines Wi-Fi pods Wi-Fi pods
Up to
500 Mbps
3 Wi-Fi radios
Wi-Fi Pod 2-pod rental $15 /mo. (Additional pods: $7.50/mo. each) Additional details
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