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My Bell Business Satellite TV signal fluctuates

Your TV reception will fluctuate if your Bell Business TV receiver momentarily loses the signal from the dish. If your reception comes and goes, check the following:
A. Loose connection
To check for a loose connection, look on the back of your receiver and locate the SATELLITE IN input (some receivers have two). If the connectors at the end of the cables are loose, simply tighten them by hand.
B. Bad weather
Severe rain storms, hail, wet snow and freezing rain can affect your TV signal. If you’re experiencing bad weather in your area, please be patient. Your signal will return when the weather clears.
C. Obstructions
A growing tree and accumulated snow are the most common obstructions that hinder satellite signals from reaching your dish.
o If you believe a growing tree is in the way, please contact us to have a technician relocate the dish.
o If it's safe, you can gently remove the accumulated snow. Be careful not to move the dish.
If you have checked all of the above and the signal still fluctuates, please contact customer service.

Last updated: October 27, 2014