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Business Satellite TV Support

How to set up my replacement receiver

  1. Disconnect your old receiver from your TV and connect the replacement receiver using the same cables.

    Note: If you are using a Wi-Fi adapter, do not connect it until you have completed all the steps below.

  2. Turn on your TV and replacement Bell receiver.

    The Point Dish screen appears within two to four minutes.

    Note: If you see a different screen, ensure your TV is set to the right input or source.

  3. From the Point Dish menu, select Check Switch by using the blue arrows on the Bell remote.

    Note: If you are not on the Point Dish screen, press the Menu button on the top left of your Bell remote, followed by the buttons 6-1-1.

  4. Select Test.

    The test can take one to five minutes to complete. When done, the Installation Summary screen appears.

  5. Select Done.

  6. Press VIEW LIVE TV on your remote.

    Please wait while the receiver is being authorized and the guide is downloaded.

    Note: If you see Attention 129 on your TV, contact us to authorize your receiver.

    • When you see Attention 128, please wait about four minutes while your receiver is being authorized.

    • Attention 015 will be displayed for a few minutes once your receiver has been authorized.

    • Attention 330 will be displayed for a few minutes to download the programming guide.

    • Once the download has been completed, your receiver will tune in to channel 195 and will be ready to use.