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How to search for programming on Business Fibe TV

Business Fibe TV Search lets you find programming based on title, keywords, genres or even actor names. All in all, it is an intelligent search function that will never leave you feeling lost.
• Search with just a word or even its first few letters to get a listing of currently playing, future shows and Pay-per-View programs that match your search.
• Refine your search results to program title, or people in the cast or crew.
1. Press the Search button on the remote control. The Search screen appears.
2. Use the arrows to highlight the first letter of the program title or person name you’re looking for in the on-screen keyboard and then press Select. As soon as you enter the first character, the search begins and any programs containing the letter you entered appear in the results list.
3. Continue adding more letters to your search. As you enter additional letters, your search results will be narrowed further.
4. If you want to filter your search results, use the arrows to select Options in the on-screen keyboard, press Select, choose your desired filter (Titles, or People) and then press Select.
5. When you’ve found the show you’re looking for, select it from the results list using the arrows and then press Select to display the Program Info screen for your selection.
Business Fibe TV also lets you search for programming by genres. To start searching for genres on Business Fibe TV, follow these steps:
1. Press Menu on your remote control.
2. Select the Live TV option.
3. Select Genres.
Once you’ve selected genres, you’ll be presented with a pre-populated list of genres to browse. Select one and scroll through the available programming.

Last updated: October 27, 2014