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Business Security and Automation


How to configure notifications for my Security and Automation service.

With Security and Automation interactive services, you have the option to set notifications by email, SMS and push for the events that matter to you.

To set notifications from your computer:

  1. Visit
  2. Click Log in.
  3. Select Small business Security and Automation Access or Small business Security and Automation Connect and click Log in.
  4. Enter your login name and password and click Log in.
  5. On the left menu, click the Notifications button.
  6. Click NEW NOTIFICATION on the top right.
  7. Select the type of event you wish to receive a notification for.
    For example, selecting “Arming event” will notify you every time the system is armed or disarmed.
  8. Select how you want this notification to occur.
    For “Arming event”, you can choose to be notified when a user disarms or arms (stay or away) the system. You can also choose whether you want this notification at all times or only between specific times.
  10. Select a user from the list or click NEW to add one.
  11. Click CLOSE to close the address book.
  12. Click SAVE to apply the notification rule.