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Business Security and Automation


How to set up recording schedules

With Security and Automation video services, you can control when you want your cameras record.


  • A Security and Automation video services subscription
  • A computer with the latest version of Adobe Flash

To adjust motion detection settings (from a computer only):

Indoor/outdoor cameras

    1. Visit
    2. Click Log in.
    3. Select Small business Security and Automation Access or Small business Security and Automation Connect and click Log in.
    4. Enter your login name and password and click Log in.
    5. On the left menu, click Video.
    6. At the top, click Recording schedules.
    7. Click ADD SCHEDULE.
    8. Click Video motion detection.
    9. Select the camera from the dropdown menu.
    10. Select when you want to the cameras to record:
      • At all times to record whenever motion is detected.
      • Only during the following times to record whenever motion is detected but only on specific days and times.
    11. Choose the minimum amount of delay between clip recordings.
      For example, if set to 1 minute, the camera will not trigger another clip for at least 1 minute after the last clip, even if it detects motion in that minute.
    12. Click SAVE SCHEDULE.

    * Please note: To edit an existing recording schedule, click on the pencil icon beside the existing recording schedule rule.