Bell Total Connect - Firewall and connection requirements


This guide outlines the main IP and firewall requirements for the correct functioning of Bell Total Connect apps and devices. An organization’s network and/or IT specialists should use this guide to determine if changes are required to their network settings when first setting up Bell Total Connect.

This guide will also help troubleshoot any connection issues experienced by end users once Bell Total Connect is up and running.

It is highly recommended that the steps described in this document are implemented with the support of a Bell engineer or professional services expert.

Sample Bell Total Connect network architecture

There are a number of ways for organizations to implement Bell Total Connect. Figure 1 below illustrates a common network architecture.

Basic LAN architecture

Figure 1. Basic LAN architecture

In some instances, on-premises session border controller (E-SBC) traffic may transit via a switch or firewall before going to the Bell-owned customer edge (CE) router. Because firewalls can be inserted in numerous places in the network, specific firewall rules may need to be adapted and implemented in more than one location. (If there is no firewall between the E-SBC and the CE router, the firewall rules described in this document will not be required.)

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