Getting started with Bell eOrdering

Ordering mobile devices

    1. Log in to eOrdering.
    2. From the Shop menu, select Mobile devices.
    3. Select the desired device(s).
    4. Enter the quantity and select Add to cart.
    5. Confirm that you would like to proceed.
    6. Select device options (colour, size, term, etc.).
    7. Enter activation information (phone number, name, etc.).
    8. Select a rate plan.
    9. Select additional features, if desired.
    10. Select Continue to checkout.
    11. Select a payment method.
    12. Enter your billing and shipping addresses.
    13. Enter order completion information (if applicable).
    14. Proceed to final review and submit.

Note: If an early upgrade fee is applicable, you will need to leave comments stating that you approve the associated fees to be billed to the account.

Get in touch with a Bell representative.