How to use Bell Control Centre

Avoiding unexpected billing and overage charges

Here are some useful tips that you can follow to avoid unexpected billing and overage charges:
  1. Review SIM data usage each month before the billing cut-off date, then again at the end of the month, and then manually update the rate plan for SIMs that are trending towards usage above their current rate plan.
  2. Set up automatic emails to be notified when a SIM has exceeded a usage threshold, and therefore may incur overage charges.

In addition, if you subscribe to the Control Centre Advanced Feature Set, you can enable Automation Rules using Bell Control Centre. This allows you to quickly and easily set custom rules that instruct the platform to monitor your devices and, if specific triggers occur, take appropriate action.

Automation Rules can be configured to:
  1. Change the rate plan of a device based on its geographic location to limit roaming costs
  2. Change the rate plan of a device if it exceeds the data usage included in its plan (automatically moves up to the next rate plan tier)
  3. Push an API message to the enterprise system when a customer’s prepaid subscription is near expiration so the enterprise can push out a top-up alert

To learn more about advanced automation features, please contact your Account Executive.

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