Great Wi-Fi
always included

Great Wi-Fi
always included

Connect all your devices wirelessly

All Wireless Business Internet packages include our Bell Hub for fast, reliable and powerful Wi-Fi, to connect all your business devices wirelessly to the Internet.

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Take control of
your Wi-Fi

Manage your business network with our easy-to-use app.

hand holding device
Pause Internet
Pause Internet

Control who gets on the Internet and when.

Share your Wi-Fi
Share your Wi-Fi

Easily share your network name and password with guests.

Get network status
Get network status

Run speed tests and see signal strength by device.

Monitor access
Monitor access

See who’s connected to your network at any time.

Get wall-to-wall Wi-Fi

Enhance coverage throughout your business with our Wi-Fi pods.

Connected office
Home Hub

Wall-to-wall coverage

Get fast, wall-to-wall Internet with our smart Business Wi-Fi pods. They work together to create a seamless, powerful Wi-Fi network throughout your business.

Smart network

Always get the strongest signal and best speeds available, thanks to our cloud-based technology that automatically optimizes your network in the background.

Where Wi-Fi pods can help the most

Large office space

Your business has multiple offices or a large floor plan, and you've noticed slower speeds or dropped signals in some areas. Our Wi-Fi pods create a mesh network allowing you to experience seamless and powerful Wi-Fi throughout your business.

Business with many connected devices

More employees mean more devices simultaneously connected to Wi-Fi, straining your connection and slowing down some devices. Our smart Wi-Fi pods will optimize your network to deliver a strong connection to the devices that need it most.

Areas prone to interference

Building materials and electronic devices could interfere with the connection in your office space. Our Wi-Fi pods work together to relieve poor performance by automatically routing the strongest signal available to your devices.

Experience great Wi-Fi in every room

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