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Advanced phone

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Save when you bundle our Advanced phone service Bell Total Connect and Business Internet.


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Call Display
Voicemail and
Voicemail to email
Mobile app
16 more calling features
  • Promotional rate with a 3-year term commitment.
  • Subject to annual change.

Complete your package with add-ons.

Customize your Bell Total Connect package with add-ons like a Virtual Phone System, Hunt Groups and Auto Attendant.
1 866 234-2925
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Complete your package with add-ons.

Need another phone line?

Add extra phone lines to keep up with business for as little as $28.95 a month per line.

Call 310-BELL (2355)

Business on the go

Get the best out of Bell Total Connect by adding Mobility to your bundle.

Limited time offer. Current as of August 13, 2018. Available to new customers in Ontario, where access and technology permit and where Business Phone service is not CRTC-regulated. Subject to change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply.

(†) Promotional rate with a 3-year term and is subject to increase up to 10% on the then regular rate, annually during the term; see Early cancellation charges apply.

Advanced phone
  1. Maximum of 8 phone lines per modem.
    1. Call Display
    2. Call Forward
    3. Call Hold
    4. Call Park
    5. Call Trace
    6. Call Transfer
    7. Call Waiting
    8. Calling Line ID Block
    9. Desktop App
    10. Directories
    11. Do Not Disturb
    12. Find Me & Follow Me
    13. Last Number Redial
    14. Mobile App
    15. Remote Office
    16. Simultaneous Ring
    17. Speed Dial
    18. Three-Way Calling
    19. Voicemail
    20. Voicemail to Email
  2. Limitations apply when dialling 9-1-1 from outside of your service address; see Fees for relay (13¢/mo.) and 9-1-1 (12¢/mo.) are included. For all calls made with the Bell Total Connect Mobile App, wireless airtime (not data) will be used and roaming charges may apply.
  3. Installation fees of $125 per phone line apply.