Fibre optics straight to your business Fibre optics straight to your business Fibre optics straight to your business

Faster speeds

More consistent

Tomorrow’s technology

Business Gigabit FibeTM technology is coming to Toronto/ Montreal.

We’re investing more than $1 billion to give Toronto businesses access to the world’s fastest Internet technology.

Download speeds of up to 940 Mbps.

Stunning picture quality for video conferencing and other business applications.

Backup your data to the cloud with blazing-fast speeds – 1 GB in as little as 12 seconds.

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Canada’s #1 Internet service provider

With unlimited monthly usage, you can do everything your business needs online – with no overage charges. Even better, all Bell Business Fibe Internet packages include our AC Wi-Fi modem, with the best Wi-Fi technology and speeds up to 3X faster than our previous technology.

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A seamless connection between your business devices

Business today isn’t just done in the office, which is why you need access to communications at your desk, on the road and after hours. Bell Total Connect integrates your landline, computer and mobile devices so you can work anywhere business takes you.

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The TV experience that sets your business apart

Entertain your customers and staff with Fibe TV from Bell. Get the most popular channels in stunning HD plus features like wireless TV and music streaming. You can even restart shows from the past 30 hours.

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Bell is investing over $1 billion to improve fibre infrastructure in the City of Toronto. This investment will improve our fibre network for over 1 million homes and businesses. For businesses, the Gigabit Fibe network will allow Bell to provide even faster Internet speeds in the future to business in Toronto.

With Gigabit Fibe technology, Toronto businesses will be able to enjoy blazing-fast Internet speeds. Toronto businesses will enjoy the same high quality TV services that they do today – now coupled with even faster Internet speeds. That means more sharing of large files, more high quality video conferences, more of what your business needs to do more and make more. As the demand for speed continues to increase, Toronto businesses will be ready for whatever is next. Simply put, the Gigabit Fibe network won’t limit what your business can do.
We want to provide businesses access to fibre, the best network technology, so businesses of all sizes can do more and make more. And with our new Gigabit Fibe network, businesses in Toronto, Canada’s largest city, will have even better access to the best communications network available anywhere.
We will be rolling out our Gigabit Fibe network progressively across Toronto. If you’re already a Bell customer in this city, we will notify you once it is available in your area. You can also fill out this form and enter your or your property owner’s contact details.
Yes. Gigabit Fibe technology is currently being launched in Toronto, but it will also be deployed in other cities in Ontario, Québec and Atlantic Canada. Stay tuned for more news on where Gigabit Fibe technology is available.
The majority of work within will be taking place outside your property. In select areas, we will be doing work on the municipal right-of-way (at times very near or adjacent to private property). In certain cases where we need to upgrade portions of our network on your property or connect a buried fibre optic cable to your property, we will contact you in advance. Either way, you can rest assured disruption will be minimal and we will ensure your property and surrounding areas are returned to normal once work is completed.
In the majority of cases, you’ll have access to your property as you normally would. You, your employees and your customers will be able to come and go as usual and you will not need to be present at your business location when work is being conducted.
Our goal is to ensure businesses throughout the City of Toronto have access to Gigabit Fibe technology. We are currently contacting building property managers and owners to schedule installations and gain access permission where required.