Canada’s first integrated fleet management solution with asset tracking capabilities on the
LTE-M network.

Available exclusively from Bell.

Bell is proud to partner with BeWhere and Trak-iT to announce the upcoming launch of an integrated fleet management solution with asset tracking capabilities on the LTE-M network. This fully integrated solution will enable businesses to better manage fleet, mobile employees, dispatch communications, and assets from end-to-end.

Plus, with access to Canada’s first LTE-M network businesses can benefit from enhanced network signal penetration, increased accessibility in remote locations, and extended battery life of up to 10 years*.

*battery life varies by use case

How an integrated fleet and asset tracking solution can help your business

Manage your fleet and assets through one dashboard view

Gain insights into the status of your vehicles, shipments, and drivers to ensure on-time arrivals, quality of goods delivered, and driver compliance, with one integrated system.

Maintain asset integrity

Damaged or spoiled deliveries reflect badly on your business and drive up costs. Get instant notifications when conditions change and connect with drivers to protect the quality of goods, reduce loss, ensure compliance with regulatory standards and keep customers happy.

Prevent loss and theft

Save the time and money it takes to replace lost shipments with real-time notifications that alert your drivers of potential theft or forgotten items. Detect when shipments leave a pre-determined area, such as a storage unit or job site, or locate an item based on its last known location.

Why Bell?

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Track and monitor your assets better with the first LTE-M asset tracking solution

Canada’s first 5G-ready LTE-M network, now available in more places

LTE-M network technology supports low-power IoT applications with wider coverage, better in-building and underground signal penetration, and more.

  1. Based on a third party score (Global Wireless Solutions OneScoreTM) calculated using wireless network testing in Canada against other national wireless networks of combined data, voice, reliability and network coverage.