Stratejm and CloudKettle join Bell to strengthen cybersecurity and workflow automation

Stratejm and CloudKettle join Bell, strengthening cybersecurity and digital automation capabilities

MONTRÉAL, July 9, 2024 – Bell announced today that it has acquired leading technical services companies Stratejm and CloudKettle Inc., adding Professional and Managed Services expertise in cybersecurity and Salesforce to its existing capabilities. These acquisitions will advance Bell’s strategy to be the leader in supporting medium and large organizations’ digital transformations and automation through cloud services. Combined with Bell’s pure fibre and 5g networks, enterprises will benefit from an exceptional and seamless AI-powered end-to-end customer experience.

Stratejm, based in Mississauga, Ontario and servicing Canadian and international customers, leverages AI through their end-to-end Security-as-a-Service solutions, real-time threat detection and response, and streamlining incident management processes, all supported by a vendor independent SOC2 Security Operation Centre. Stratejm has a long history of building innovative and customer-centric solutions, making them a trusted partner for organizations seeking industry-leading managed security solutions.

CloudKettle is a Professional Services provider based in Halifax, Nova Scotia operating within Canada and the US. As a Salesforce consulting partner, they bring deep expertise in Salesforce enterprise implementation, including integration of the platform leading data and AI capabilities through Salesforce Data Cloud, Industry Clouds, Marketing Cloud, Einstein 1 and Tableau.

These two acquisitions complement the 2023 acquisition of FX Innovation, a leading provider of end-to-end multi-cloud services, IT workflow automation solutions and cloud consulting services. FX Innovation supports the integration of applications within business environments in Canada and internationally. Today’s acquisitions will enrich the range of capabilities available for customers to manage their public and hybrid cloud environments with the world’s leading cloud providers. Customers now benefit from leading platform-centric expertise to drive productivity, resilience and security outcomes through deeply integrated IT systems and processes.

Both organizations will join BCE’s group of companies, reporting to Guillaume Bazinet, Bell’s FX Innovation CEO.

Together with FX Innovation, these new acquisitions accelerate Bell’s position as a tech services leader in Canada. Click here for more in-depth perspectives from our executives.

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