Instantly broadcast time-critical information at the push of a button

Push-to-talk (PTT) makes it simple to connect with your team anywhere, anytime. No need to set up a conference call or even dial a number: just push a button and talk, one-on-one or one-to-many. PTT is an all-in-one communication solution that removes the need to communicate over multiple apps. In addition to voice communication, PTT users can instantly share multimedia messages, voice messages and user location within the app.
Delivered over Canada’s largest LTE network1, PTT from Bell provides the reach you need with the reliability you can depend on. And our selection of PTT-enabled smartphones, rugged phones and accessories means your people always have the right tools for the job.

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Industry Use Cases




Public works

Public safety


Improve delivery times and route efficiency with the PTT Dispatch Console, which allows you to track and communicate with drivers in real time. Dispatch the closest driver for improved customer experience, keep detailed logs, and quickly assist drivers when they need assistance. And with one-touch talk, drivers can keep their eyes on the road, not their phones.


Reduce downtime by instantly collaborating with up to 3,000 users in preset talkgroups on the job site, or multiple job sites across the country. Use PTT by itself, or to collaborate with your existing LMR radio users. Plus, enhance worker safety by knowing who’s on-site with location and geo-fence alerts.


Improve guest satisfaction and operational efficiencies by communicating with all on-site team members with the push of a button, using dynamic area-based talkgroups. Instant connectivity helps you respond quickly to emergencies and keep things running smoothly.

Public works

Connect multiple departments, agencies and mobile workers on a single communication platform, allowing them to communicate instantly and efficiently. Simply manage staff throughout the city using the integrated dispatch console.

Public safety

While not intended as a primary voice communications tool for first responders, PTT can be beneficial in supporting public safety organizations. Voice interoperability between traditional Land Mobile Radio systems radios used by first responders and PTT users enables dispatchers and support teams to relay important information to other agencies.

Public safety and critical infrastructure organizations’ support teams can remotely perform user checks, track location or declare an emergency on behalf of PTT users in the field. Emergency dispatchers can share images of suspects with officers within a specific geo-location, augmenting voice descriptions.

Canada’s best Push-to-talk solution

Coast-to-coast coverage

Connect instantly in more places from coast-to-coast on Canada’s largest LTE network1, with extensive LTE roaming coverage in the U.S.
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Carrier-grade solution

Bell offers Canada’s only carrier-grade PTT solution, integrated and hosted in our secure network environment and backed by rigorous device testing and certification for optimal PTT application performance.

Solution interoperability

As an instant communications leader, Bell offers Push-to-Talk, Land Mobile Radio (LMR), and network traffic prioritization^. Only Bell allows you to seamlessly use these solutions together, with options like Radio/PTT Interop.

More selection

Find the right tools for the job with our large selection of PTT-enabled devices and accessories. From leading-brand flagship smartphones, to rugged feature phones, Bell has the device your users need.

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PTT-compatible devices

Choose from a large selection of the latest devices from leading manufacturers, including smartphones and rugged devices.

Radio/PTT Interoperability

Efficiently extend your coverage by connecting Push-to-talk and Land Mobile Radio users.

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(*) Data connection required; standard data charges apply.
(†) Available as part of Bell’s PTT Advanced tier.
(††) Requires a subscription to Bell’s PTT Dispatch Console.
(‡) Requires a subscription to Bell’s PTT Dispatch Console. Available as part of Bell’s PTT Advanced tier.
(^) Eligibility restricted to First Responders and select Critical Infrastructure entities.