Wi-Fi that’s built for doing business

The freedom of Wi-Fi, the flexibility of the cloud

Strengthen your customer relationships, unleash productivity-boosting apps and deliver an unmatched user experience. Bell Managed Wi-Fi is fast, secure and easy to use, giving your employees and guests ubiquitous connectivity.

We make it easy to manage your wireless network and connected devices through the cloud, combining the power of Cisco hardware and cloud capabilities with fast, reliable Bell Internet so you can scale as you need and keep your network secure at all times.

How your business can benefit from Bell Managed Wi-Fi

Superior connectivity

Expert management

Valuable insights

Effective security

Automatic updates

Key capabilities of Bell Managed Wi-Fi

Custom profiles

High capacity

Centralized visibility

Powerful analytics

Comprehensive monitoring

Different privileges for visitors and employees

Define and apply distinct Wi-Fi access for employees and customers. You can customize how users log on to your network – such as through a splash page or even Facebook.

High user capacity

Provide high-performance wireless access to more users at once with radio frequency (RF) optimization and real-time spectrum analysis.

Centralized view

Get visibility into your WAN, LAN, WLAN and mobile devices from a single interface, even if your network is distributed.

Location analytics

Gather metrics such as visitor capture rates, visit times and repeat visits – and use that data to identify opportunities for customer engagement.

Application and website monitoring

See which applications and websites people on your network are using. You can also block certain apps to optimize performance and keep your network secure or prioritize business applications over the public Internet.

Why Bell is better for managed Wi-Fi

Deep expertise

With a team of more than 3,000 technology professionals, Bell has the bench strength to meet your business communications needs.

Canada’s largest IP network

Bell provides the most points of presence in the country and speeds of up to 10 Gbps for low latency and reliable access to all your services and applications.

A powerful partnership

Bell has been a Cisco partner since 1985: one of the longest-lasting Cisco partnerships in Canada. Our Gold Partner certification – the highest attainable – proves we know Cisco technology and how to make it work for you.

End-to-end management and support

Let Bell manage and optimize your Wi-Fi service for you, and relieve your IT team. And, our 24/7 bilingual support helps to keep your business up and running.

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1. Eligibility for free Cisco Meraki access point offer: Full-time IT professionals can receive a free Cisco Meraki MR access point with a three-year cloud management license. While Cisco Meraki webinars are open to all audiences, to be eligible for a free access point participants must meet the eligibility requirements and follow all terms as outlined on this page: https://meraki.cisco.com/tc/freeap