Broadcast live video content over our advanced networks

High-quality live content, anywhere in the world

Deliver premium live audio and video that meets the technical requirements of any market – local, domestic or international – without compromising performance.

Our broadcast network services offer local transmission and inter-city services across Canada, the U.S. and around the world to ensure your content reaches the widest possible audience. Plus, our extensive fibre network delivers the low latency, high speed and industry-leading reliability you depend on for your content.

How your business can benefit from Bell Broadcast Network services

Superior quality

Flexible packages

Global distribution

Better support

Easy set-up

Key capabilities of Bell Broadcast Network services

Digital transport


Contract options

Digital transport services

We support the full range of bitrates and compression formats, including SDI (Serial Digital Interface), HD-SDI, MPEG-2 (Motion Picture Exports Group), ASI (Asynchronous Serial Interface) and JPEG2000.

HD Broadcast Electronic News Gathering (BENG)

HD BENG gives you immediate access to connection points at various media sites and sports venues across Canada. That means you can transmit your video feeds to the network when it’s most convenient for you, in increments of as little as 15 minutes.

Multiple service contract options

Whether you have full-time or occasional broadcasting requirements, we offer contract and non-contract options so you can tailor your service to your needs.

Why Bell is better for broadcast network services

End-to-end support

Our team of experts can help plan, design, implement and manage the broadcast network services that are right for your business.

Canada’s largest IP network

Our network has the most points of presence in Canada and speeds up to 10 Gbps for low latency and exceptional reliability.

Global presence

With points of presence across Canada and in the U.S., as well as global distribution channels, we can help you extend your broadcast network throughout North America and overseas.

Leader in innovation

We invest more than $3 billion each year in our network to ensure you can always count on Bell for unparalleled speed, performance and reliability.

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