The cloud is even better with the Bell network

The right network, the right partners

To get the most from your cloud services, you need a high-performance network that’s reliable, easy to manage and helps prevent against online threats.

Bell Cloud Connect provides you with secure, dedicated access to the network, server, storage and application resources your business demands. In partnership with leading cloud service providers including Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft, the Bell business cloud ecosystem combines powerful cloud services infrastructure with Canada’s largest voice and data network and an advanced MPLS network — keeping your data in Canada for end-to-end performance, security and reliability.

How your business can benefit from Bell Cloud Connect

Better performance

Anywhere access

Guaranteed uptime

Secured data

End-to-end service

Key capabilities of Bell Cloud Connect

Pay-per-use billing

Expert services

24/7 support

Get a cost-effective solution tailored to your needs

Our flexible network solutions allow you to choose the right class of service for prioritizing your network traffic. You get the bandwidth you need when you need it and pay only for what you use.

Service from highly qualified professionals

We have the skills and expertise to help you design, build and maintain cloud services that are right for your business – plus partnerships with the biggest cloud application providers.

24/7 monitoring and technical support

Get round-the-clock monitoring and bilingual technical support, a single point of accountability and a four-hour mean time to repair (MTTR) from our team of certified experts.

Why Bell is better for cloud connectivity

Canada’s largest voice and data network

Bell has the reach, capacity and scalability to support your cloud applications so your employees and customers can access them faster and with lower latency.

End-to-end cloud solutions

Bell certified experts can assess your needs, and build and support a tailored cloud solution that works best for your business.

Industry-leading partnerships

Our partnerships with leading cloud application providers give you the benefit of solutions like IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure for computing, storage, backup and disaster recovery.

Leader in innovation

We invest more than $4 billion each year in our network to ensure you can always count on Bell for unparalleled speed, performance and reliability.

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