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Comprehensive data protection for better business continuity

The advantage of cloud-based backup and recovery

When disaster strikes, you need fast, reliable backup and recovery of your critical data and applications. Flexible, cost-effective Bell Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery works with your existing infrastructure to provide fast and secure replication, failover and recovery. Our specialists are your single point of contact for all your data centre and cloud needs, handling your backups securely and efficiently for assured business continuity.

How your business can benefit from Bell Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Automated protection

Minimized downtime

Enhanced security

Predictable costs

Key capabilities of Bell Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

Traffic management

Replication options

Recovery testing

Custom backups

Vendor backups

Traffic management

Built-in compression, encryption and data transfer throttling help increase your IT efficiency.

Replication options

You can replicate your on-premises physical servers and virtual machines to a Microsoft Azure data centre or a secondary data centre.

Recovery testing

You can create a disaster recovery plan and run recovery tests without affecting the productivity of your live environment.

Custom backups

Create a comprehensive backup policy for individual Bell Cloud Compute virtual machines and files – and restore them quickly and easily through a simple self-service portal.

Vendor-specific backups

Bell gives you options for integrating with specific vendors’ backup and recovery systems, including IBM Cloud and Microsoft Azure.

Why Bell is better for cloud backup

National data centre footprint

Bell has 28 data centres located strategically across the country, with more than 39 megawatts of critical customer load – the most of any provider in Canada.

Canada’s largest IP network

Your data and applications stay up and running and are accessible quickly and securely – anywhere, anytime – thanks to the reach and capabilities of our nationwide voice and data network.

24/7 support

Our team has deep expertise in designing, integrating and managing cloud solutions – and support you 24/7 via our bilingual service desk.

Exceptional reliability

You can count on our data centres with service level guarantees that offer 100% power and network availability.

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