Bell is the first to launch LTE-M in Canada.

As a leader in innovation, Bell is committed to providing Canadian businesses with access to the latest in network technologies, now with LTE-M.

As more companies harness the power of Internet of Things (IoT) to drive smarter decisions, there are increasing demands to transmit data from a variety of sources. LTE-M network technology effectively supports low power IoT applications where data collection requirements are reduced, and it increases accessibility in remote locations.

* LTE-M is currently available in all provinces excluding Saskatchewan. See coverage map.


Canada’s first integrated fleet and asset tracking solution, powered by LTE-M.

Available exclusively from Bell.

Bell is proud to partner with BeWhere and Trak-iT to announce the upcoming launch of an integrated fleet management solution with asset tracking capabilities on the LTE-M network. This solution will enable businesses to better manage fleet, mobile employees, dispatch communications, and assets from end-to-end.

LTE-M, also known as “Long Term Evolution, Category M1”, is a network technology over the LTE network that offers a longer battery life and better signal penetration in-building and underground, for low power IoT deployments.
Enhanced network signal penetration
LTE-M delivers an enhanced in-building and underground network signal penetration to monitor assets, even in areas with low accessibility, and gain better visibility into business operations in real time.
Extended device battery life
Battery life lasts up to 10 years on a single charge on the LTE-M network1, minimizing interruptions to business operations associated with replacing batteries in remote locations, and enabling the monitoring of assets in remote and underground locations.
Carrier-grade network security
LTE-M technology offers SIM-based security features requiring device authentication to connect to the network. It meets the same global security standards as LTE.
Over-the-air management
Update device software and manage applications remotely using over-the-air (OTA) technology.
Optimized hardware
Bell has certified modules purpose-built for businesses to deploy IoT devices on the LTE-M network.

Solutions powered by LTE-M

Asset tracking

Integrated fleet and asset tracking

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LTE-M: Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery
Bell partnered with BeWhere and Huawei to pilot an IoT solution with LTE-M for Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery to improve their planning and sustainability programs.
Through LTE-M, IoT sensors collect data on conditions of the atmosphere (such as temperature and humidity) to prevent vine disease and ultimately improve plant health, lower operating costs and provide years of maintenance-free operation.
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