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Manage your fleet better on Canada’s best national
mobile network*

Your fleet management solution should enable you to do more than just track the location and status of your fleet on the road to optimize and reduce costs.


Find out how fleet management solutions from Bell can benefit your company today.


Prepare for the upcoming Canadian ELD legislation

Read our blog to learn why it’s important to start preparing for the Canadian ELD legislation now.

6 key provisions for ELD compliance

Learn more about the 6 key provisions that the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has outlined and that all companies need to understand to become ELD compliant.

How to pick the right ELD solution

Learn more about the new ELD mandate and how to pick the best solution for your organization.

Fleet Freedom whitepaper

Learn more about the new ELD mandate and how Fleet Freedom from Bell can help keep your organization safe and compliant.

* Based on a third party score (Global Wireless Solutions OneScoreTM) calculated using wireless network testing in Canada against other national wireless networks of combined data, voice, reliability and network coverage.