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Your fleet management solution should enable you to do more than just track the location and status of your fleet on the road to optimize and reduce costs.

What is the electronic logging device mandate?

As of December 18, 2017, the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires all commercial motor vehicle carriers to submit their hours of service (HoS) records using an electronic reporting system.

If your organization is currently using paper logs, you must implement either electronic logging devices (ELDs) or automatic on-board recording devices (AOBRDs) in your fleet immediately. An electronic logging device attaches to a truck engine to instantly capture large amounts of data, such as dates, times, locations, mileage, hours of service and vehicle insights. While both ELDs and AOBRDs log HOS, only ELDs have an engine diagnostic connection with the vehicle that provide greater data insights to your business.

By December 2019, only ELDs will be allowed, requiring all AOBRDs to be replaced with ELDs.

Don’t deliver goods to the U.S.?
A Canadian ELD mandate similar to the U.S. rule is being developed to ensure regulatory consistency and to increase safety and accountability in the trucking industry.

ELD implementation timeline


Why should I implement an ELD fleet management solution now?

Your company can start to benefit from electronic logging solutions right away. A fleet management solution will help reduce driver fatigue and improve road safety and compliance with regulations. You’ll cut down on paperwork, saving your drivers time and reducing the likelihood of inaccurate HoS logs.

You can also start to realize a return on your investment sooner. A fleet management solution can save your company 10-30% through lower accident rates, fewer violations, reduced workers’ compensation claims and decreased insurance premiums.

Improve your Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) score

Fleet management solutions for ELDs help you track unsafe driving, HoS compliance, vehicle maintenance and fuel optimization.

Make informed decisions

ELD analytics give you insights into driver and vehicle performance that help guide business decisions, such as route optimization, maintenance schedules and ELD mandate compliance.

Keep your fleet on the road

ELDs reduce human error and enable faster inspection and audit of compliance, so your vehicles spend less time in inspection and more time delivering goods.

Lower driver risk

Reduce crashes resulting from driver fatigue or falling asleep at the wheel by 10% with ELD systems, and get alerts to fleet management about speeding, unsafe driving and braking irregularities.

Improve driver efficiency

Your drivers will maximize their on-duty time and reduce human error by completing vehicle inspections with mobile devices and receiving assignments electronically.

Enable cross-border trucking

If you transport goods to the U.S., an ELD solution will keep you compliant and help you remain competitive in the transportation industry.

What kind of ROI will ELD generate for my business?

By implementing an ELD fleet management solution now, your company will start to realize a return on investment (ROI) sooner rather than later. A Transport Canada cost-benefit analysis concluded that the benefit-cost ratio is 2:1 under a two-year implementation window for ELD solutions. Both companies doing cross-border business and companies operating in Canada were considered.

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Start realizing ELD savings now

ELD Savings

Look how much time your company will save using ELDs instead of paper log books:

27-139 hrs/yr: Drivers will save maintaining logs

125 mins/yr: Drivers will save sending logs to head office

3.5 mins/log: Administrative staff will save filing logs

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