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Mobile Business Solutions

Worker safety

Protect your most important assets

Your employees are your most valuable asset. Ensure they’re always safe with our emergency ready devices and solutions. Employees who work in harsh, isolated environments, can be vulnerable to their surroundings. Our worker safety mobile solutions allow employees to stay connected with their teams while complying with strict safety and regulatory requirements.

Powered by Canada’s largest LTE network*, worker safety solutions from Bell let you feel assured that your employees can always contact the necessary emergency response team in the event of an accident or a field emergency.

Four reasons to choose worker safety solutions from Bell

Ensuring your field workers can communicate effectively and connect directly with emergency personnel, worker safety solutions from Bell allow you to:


Connect with your workers at blazing-fast speeds with Canada’s largest LTE network.

With coast-to-coast coverage reaching over 32 million Canadians, your remote or lone employees can rest assured that emergency personnel can be quickly dispatched.


A reliable connection with exceptional network uptime.

With an exceptional network uptime Bell helps ensure your employees can stay connected to their teams and emergency personnel at all times.


Rely on durable devices that work in the toughest conditions.

We offer a wide range of rugged devices that stand up to the toughest conditions – including severe weather, submersion, physical impact and more – so you’ll be able to ensure your mobile workers can always use their devices in the event of an emergency.


Access experts who can guide you from end to end.

From design to implementation, we work with you to understand your unique business needs and recommend the devices and solutions that are right for your business.

Key features of workplace safety from Bell

Immediate contact with emergency personnel

Immediate emergency contact

Help keep your workers protected 24/7 through multiple levels of security monitoring. In the event of an emergency, your employees can be automatically connected to the International Emergency Response and Coordination Centre (IERCC).

Voice and text check-ins

You can require your workers to check in using a mobile app at defined intervals during their shift. If the check-in is missed, and there’s no response to a reminder, an emergency alert can automatically be declared.

Check-in using mobile apps
Pinpoint your workers’ location

Powerful GPS technology

Pinpoint the location of your lone workers so you can help them as quickly as possible in the event of an emergency.

Full suite of rugged devices

Reduce device replacement costs with rugged devices that can withstand being submerged in water, dropped on concrete or even being driven over with a pickup truck.

Full suite of rugged devices

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Is your business running as fast and efficiently as possible?

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Based on total sq kms on the shared LTE network from Bell vs. Rogers’ LTE network; Available with compatible LTE devices and an LTE enabled modem, otherwise services run on the 4G network (HSPA+).