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Customer Contact solutions

Usability and accessibility

Improve your customer experience across multiple channels.

Whether you’re looking to increase sales, decrease incoming calls or build your brand, our usability and accessibility solutions can help. Our experts work with you to define your target audience and design and implement solutions that improve your customer experience.

Usability and accessibility solutions from Bell improve the quality of your customer experience across multiple interaction channels. We design a user-centered multi-screen experience, validate the solution with actual customers and make sure it conforms to all accessibility guidelines. Our team is equipped to provide everything from stand-alone usability tests and accessibility audits to full end-to-end design and implementation.

Four reasons to choose usability and accessibility solutions from Bell

By prioritizing the user experience, usability and accessibility solutions from Bell can help you:


Stand out from the competition with a superior online presence.

Bell can help you design an intuitive, easy-to-use online environment that ensures your customers can get the most of your website – and puts you a step ahead in today’s highly competitive online space.


Offer a superior mobile experience with exceptional interaction design.

With the help of our interactive design services, you’ll be able to deliver a mobile experience that’s both compelling and easy to use.


Validate your solution before you deploy, for maximum ROI.

Our usability testing services let you validate your solution with real users in a lab environment. Our team then takes the results to create a prioritized list of recommendations to improve your overall user experience – so you know what to expect before you ‘go live’.


Make your site as accessible as possible for the widest range of users.

Bell can provide an accessibility audit using automated tools, visual inspections and a technical review to assess the current state of your website. Our experts then present a roadmap to help you make your web properties more accessible – along with the option for full implementation support.

Key capabilities of usability and accessibility solutions from Bell

Detailed research

Detailed research for insight into your audience

Our up-front research will give you in-depth insights into your target audience, helping you align your business objectives with your end users’ goals and expectations.

Usability testing for an effective online presence

State-of-the-art tracking technology lets you see exactly what your customers are doing with your website, including what they’re looking at and what they aren’t. Our testing sessions can be run in our advanced labs or in a portable facility set up in your branch, store or office, giving you the intelligence you need to fine-tune your web applications.

Usability testing
Adaptive design

Adaptive design to meet the full range of user needs

We specialize in creating responsive designs that provide the best user experience over multiple devices – ensuring you serve all your customers equitably.

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