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Bell Network Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Security

Protect your network and secure your business.

Bell Network DDoS Security protects you from distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks that can cripple online activities. As owner and operator of the largest voice, data and wireless network in Canada, Bell has the greatest visibility into threats against your network.

Our network-based service automatically detects, mitigates and filters a wide variety of DDoS attacks before they reach your network, ensuring operations are never interrupted by malicious traffic.

Four reasons to choose Bell Network DDoS Security

Preventing attacks so that your business stays up and running, Bell Network DDoS Security lets you:


Protect your network by proactively detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks within seconds.

By minimizing the impact of malicious traffic – wherever it originates – before it reaches your business, you protect your organization’s brand, market presence and business operations.


Rely on our visibility into potential threats, backed by our knowledge and experience in supporting more than 80% of all network traffic in Canada.

Since we operate and secure Canada’s largest voice, data and wireless network, we can aggregate massive amounts of data and correlate traffic patterns that only we can see. Our exceptional distributed denial of service network protection prevents attacks so that your network capacity remains available for your business traffic.


Get top-level expertise from our team of security experts.

Our more than 300 security professionals have advanced security certifications (including CIPPIC, CISA, CISM, CISSP, OSSTMM) giving them a deep understanding of the Canadian threat environment. They can work with your organization to plan, design, build and manage an end-to-end security solution that’s right for you.


Get better support for your business from the largest team in Canada.

Our team of security experts offers 24/7 monitoring and technical support to keep your business up and running. Plus, your service is supported by experienced and dependable provisioning, installation, configuration and monitoring.

Key capabilities of Bell Network Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Security

Continuous monitoring

Always-on detection

All types of DDoS attacks are continuously monitored including volumetric and application layer attacks, regardless of their origin, size or duration.

Continuous threat migration

Our mitigation services continuously scrub and filter your network traffic, detecting and mitigating known threats within 30 seconds.

Continuous scrubbing and filtering
Gain visibility into potential threats

Detailed reports into your threat landscape

Near real-time reports available through the Bell Business Portal allow you to gain visibility into your current traffic and potential threats and understand the types of attacks you experience.

Archiving and logging of threat summary data

A detailed summary of archived threat data gives you a historical perspective on threat volumes and duration, allowing you to make changes as required to your premises-based security systems .

Detailed threat archives

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