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Mobile Business Solutions

Other mobile solutions

Keep safe, secure and connected on the go

Our full suite of mobile solutions gives you greater control over your costs, helps improve productivity, and allows you to deliver greater value to your customers. From digital forms that enable real-time delivery confirmation to wireless solutions that keep employees safe in harsh and remote environments, our solutions can help your business stay connected and productive.

Mobile solutions give you greater visibility into your operations and power at your fingertips, so you can react faster to your changing business environment and gain a significant competitive advantage over your competition.

Streamline business processes with workforce management

Workforce management

Streamline your processes and better manage your employees in the field using our mobile form, job dispatching and employee GPS tracking solutions.

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Protect your employees 24/7 with worker safety solutions

Worker safety

With Bell’s worker safety solutions, you can protect your most valuable assets by monitoring lone or remote workers through regular check-ins on your mobile device and worker-specific emergency response protocol.

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Keep your dispatchers and drivers connected

Dispatch solutions

Enhance productivity by keeping your dispatch team and your fleet of drivers connected with effective and innovative two-way communication technologies.

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Increase customer satisfaction and increase revenue with better mobile device management

Mobile device management

Protect your company data with a centralized solution that allows for easy management of your company’s mobile devices. You can set policies and permissions to devices and applications and prevent unauthorized users from accessing your confidential information.

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Two-way radio

Two-way radio

Bell provides secure and reliable two-way radio solutions that emergency service providers depend on to stay connected when it counts.

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Mobile solutions for the Public safety sector

Mobile solutions for Public safety

Bell Public Safety Solutions ensure that first responders will be able to interact with the mission-critical information needed to quickly get to where they need to be.

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You get more with Bell

Our strong relationships with leading-edge partners ensures tailored solutions that give your company a significant competitive advantage – from mobile workforce management tools to asset protection solutions.

All of our solutions are empowered by Canada’s largest LTE network giving over 32 million Canadians access to blazing fast speeds. We have the largest support team in Canada, including experts and specialists who are ready to help you design, implement, support and manage all your business communications.

Canada’s largest LTE network

A reliable and secure network to keep your business up and running.

With the largest 4G LTE network and exceptional uptime, we provide you with a reliable and blazing fast connection. Our 5,300 network employees are dedicated to managing and supporting the network, ensuring your business stays connected. We also ensure your confidential company information is safe, secure and stored in Canada.

Solutions tailored to your business

Bell works closely with a diverse network of partners and manufacturers to ensure your devices, applications and solutions are tailored to your unique business needs.

A diverse network of partners and manufacturers
The largest support team

End-to-end solutions

Bell has the largest support team in the country, focused on working with you to develop tailor-made solutions specific to your unique business needs. Our services span across all stages of integration and support, including hardware, installation and API integration.

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Your business deserves the Bell network

Your business deserves the Bell network

With Bell, you have access to blazing fast speeds up to 150 Mbps. Your business deserves the network that is always getting faster, stronger and larger.

Get on Canada’s largest LTE network
Mobile industry solutions resources

Resource centre

Find valuable resources and learn more about how mobile solutions from Bell can benefit your business.

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The largest selection of devices and accessories

Devices for all your business needs.

Get them on Canada’s LTE network.

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Based on total sq kms on the shared LTE network from Bell vs. Rogers’ LTE network; with compatible LTE devices and an LTE enabled modem, otherwise services run on the 4G network (HSPA+).