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Internet and Private Networks

Bell Business Internet Dedicated Service

A permanent, dedicated connection that delivers exceptional uptime and performance.

Providing a permanently connected, high-speed Internet access over Canada’s most advanced fibre optic network, Bell Business Internet Dedicated Service is engineered to deliver the speed, scalability, performance and reliability your business needs – both today and tomorrow.

A fully managed Internet service with multiple access options, Bell Business Internet Dedicated Service can meet the needs of organizations of all sizes, from those with as few as two workstations to those with more than 30. Offering extensive performance reporting and up to 32 static IPv4 addresses as well as availability of IPv6 addresses, it’s ideal for website hosting, email server management and connecting workstations over a local area network (LAN).

Six reasons to choose Bell Business Internet Dedicated Service

Our Business Internet Dedicated Service gives you the speed, performance and reliability to:


Send and receive data faster, in more places, on Canada’s largest fibre optic network

With consistent upload and download speeds of up to 10 Gbps and 94 points of presence across the country, Bell delivers the performance you need to run bandwidth-heavy applications like video conferencing and connect multiple devices with no worry of slowdowns.


Our network uptime guarantee ensures exceptional availability for your Internet service

Redundant fibre routing, back-up points of presence in major areas, and redundant transport and switching equipment are just some of the safeguards in place to ensure your data always gets through – with a 99.999% network uptime guarantee.


Our Internet solutions are tailored to your bandwidth requirements, so you pay only for what you need

Our ADSL, T1 and optical Ethernet Internet access options provide the bandwidth to support the smallest satellite office or the largest corporate HQ. And with our burstable Internet option, you have the ability to quickly and easily scale to meet dynamic bandwidth requirements.


Optimize performance with bandwidth tracking

Through our secure online portal, you can keep tabs on bandwidth consumption and network performance to get optimal results from your Internet service. Reporting metrics include usage and uptime, so you can make decisions about your bandwidth capacity as your business evolves.


Rely on our expertise

24/7 monitoring and technical support, a four-hour mean time to repair (MTTR) and the expertise of Canada’s largest team of technicians give you the reassurance that, when issues arise, Bell has your back.


Ensure business continuity while you migrate from IPv4 to IPv6

Bell Business Internet Dedicated Service is IPv6-ready, so you can continue to use existing IPv4 applications over the same Internet connection as you migrate to more advanced IPv6 applications. Plus, our team of professionals are available to support your existing IPv4 applications throughout your migration.

Key capabilities of Bell Business Internet Dedicated Service

Unlimited data transfers

Unlimited data transfers

With no caps or overage charges on T1 and optical Ethernet Internet access, you can download and upload as much as your business needs.

Up to 32 IPv4 addresses and availability of IPv6 addresses

Host multiple servers or websites on a single network with all the addresses you require.

Up to 32 IPv4 addresses
Regular upgrades

Regular upgrades

Bell protects you from obsolete technology through maintenance and regular upgrades when required.

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