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Customer Contact solutions

Application development and testing

New applications to drive your business evolution.

Application development and testing services from Bell cover everything from enterprise and talent management portals and eCommerce applications to custom web and mobile solutions. Drawing on expertise in cross-channel communication, and leveraging multiple technologies, applications and approaches, we ensure you can support the full range of customer access points.

Through our best-in-class design centres and usability testing facilities, we work with your business to design, develop and test new applications designed to meet your unique business needs.

Five reasons to choose application development and testing from Bell

Leveraging deep expertise in digital communications, our application and development testing solutions lets you:


Ensure cross-channel continuity for a consistent user experience.

Supporting a wide variety of access points, our applications ensure your customers receive the same service integrity and continuity no matter how they connect with you.


Ensure your mobile workers and customers have the tools they need to be productive.

We always keep the mobile worker and customers in mind, ensuring all our applications are designed with a mobile-first approach.


Deliver a consistent, high-quality experience that cements customer loyalty.

Our software engineers design solutions according to strict standards that ensure high performance, giving you exceptional reliability and availability under even the heaviest traffic loads.


Manage as much or as little of your applications as makes sense for your business.

Bell can manage your applications over the long term to ensure they evolve as the market changes – or give you everything you need to manage them on your own.


Integrate your existing solutions to leverage past investments.

Our solutions fully integrate your legacy systems, partner solutions and third-party management applications – and can be fully supported, managed and monitored after implementation by our team of experts.

Key capabilities of application development and testing from Bell

Comprehensive technical assessments

Comprehensive technical assessments

Leveraging market-leading technologies and industry trends, we evaluate your current infrastructure and IT assets to find the perfect solution for your business needs.

Multi-channel implementation

We build solutions that involve the full range of communications technologies and channels, allowing you to provide a strong user experience no matter how your customers are contacting you.

Multi-channel implementation
Usability and performance testing

Usability and performance testing

All our solutions are tested with usability and performance in mind, ensuring they’re intuitive, resilient and available – regardless of traffic load.

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Fresh insights for your business

Fresh insights for your business

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