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What content should I be providing to my Web site consultant to assist with the design process?

Our Web site consultants will require content from you to begin the site design process.
This content includes:

• Final selection of a template that you want us to use for the design process. Each template is assigned a number so this will have to be provided to the designer during the consultation process to ensure we have the correct template you want us to use. The assigned number can be found in the template gallery.
• Final selection of the 5 pages you want to have on your Web site (for example, home, about us, contact us, etc). Pages can be substituted so you can change a predefined product page and call it a portfolio page.
• Colour selection for your site.
• Content for your Web pages. No one knows about your business more than you so it's important that you provide content for each of the 5 pages that we are designing for you.
• Image selection. All predesigned templates come with built in images. When selecting a template you're able to reuse the images that come with that template or you can swap them for images that you may have (such as a logo, images representing your place of business such as a restaurant, images showcasing your products, etc). As a Bell Web site hosting subscriber, you can also use images from our image gallery. For any images that you provide, you must be the copyright owner and if you're not the owner, rights to that image must be purchased before we can use them.
• Additional content or information that will provide the consultant with Web site direction such as the objective of your Web site.
• Collateral or marketing items such as such as brochures, flyers, business cards, email marketing, sales presentations, etc. that will help us match your site with your corporate brand.
• A list of competitor's Web sites that you like or don't like. This will help us understand what your expectations are and what your desired outcome is.

Last updated: October 27, 2014