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Microsoft Office 365

How to activate your Office 365 services from Bell

Shortly after purchasing Office 365 from Bell, you will receive an email (or standard mail, if email is not an option) containing the first of two welcome letters. This letter will provide you with the credentials required to log in to your Bell Business Portal so that you can sign the Terms and Conditions.

  1. Using the information from the first welcome letter, log in to the Bell Business Portal at
    • Note: Remember to add “@ecare” at the end of your Bell Business Portal user name when logging in, e.g., username@ecare.
  2. From the menu on the left, select Services.
  3. Select Microsoft Online Services From Bell.
  4. Select Accept.
  5. After you accept the Terms and Conditions, provisioning of the product continues and you are now able to create additional users and view the activity log.

Once you have completed these steps, you will receive the second welcome letter which contains the administrative credentials you need to set up and support Microsoft Online Services from Bell. Below is a description of the fields and their use.

Service description Description of the service you have purchased. This information will help you choose the correct IVR options when calling Bell for support, billing or sales requests.
Order # You will need this identification number to access the Help Desk and billing support.
Microsoft Customer ID You will need this ID if Microsoft support is required to troubleshoot.
Contact language Your preferred language for communications and invoicing.
Customer / Company name Your company name.
Company administrator Name of the person who will contact Bell and represent your company. This name is used for security purposes when you call for technical support.
Bell Business ID You need this ID to access the Bell Business Portal to sign your contract for the initial setup of your services. You will also use this ID to access the Domain Name Server (DNS) Administration Tool to modify your DNS entries, if required in the future.
Bell Admin password The password for your Bell Business ID.
Microsoft Administrator ID You need this ID to access the administration centre, where you can manage all aspects of your Microsoft Online Services from Bell.
Microsoft Administrator password The password for your Microsoft Administrator ID.

You are now ready to configure your services and start using them.