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Business Fibe TV support

Business Fibe TV installation

What happens during your Business Fibe TV installation

Once onsite, the Bell technician will:

  • Install Business Fibe TV receivers at your requested locations.
  • Install an Internet gateway and configure it for Business Fibe TV.
  • Connect one desktop and one laptop computer to the Internet gateway.
  • Activate all of your receivers.
  • Adjust receiver settings for the sharpest picture quality.
  • Program the universal remote.
  • Provide a full tutorial on how to use your new Business Fibe TV receivers and remote.

With Business Fibe TV, one remote controls all of your receivers. For this reason, we recommend against stacking your receivers or placing them in close proximity.

Custom installations
Our technicians connect only one receiver per TV. Custom installations involving more than one TV per receiver will need to be coordinated on your own.