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Business Security and Automation


Alarm Panels

How to use the Interlogix SimonXT panel

Arming and disarming the system


Arming in Stay mode

In Stay mode, you arm all doors and windows (securing the perimeter of your business) without activating interior motion detectors. 

  • Press the Doors + Windows button. The touchscreen displays a countdown exit timer.
Arming in Away mode

In Away mode, you arm all exterior doors and windows as well as interior motion detectors.

  • Press the Motions button. The touchscreen displays a countdown exit timer.


  1. When entering the premises, enter your user code before the entry delay expires.
  2. If the system is armed in Stay mode while inside the premises, press Disarm then enter your user code.


Emergency panics

You can use emergency panic buttons to notify the Bell Security and Automation central monitoring station of different emergencies in your location. Emergency panics are used when you need immediate assistance. Below are the types of panics, an example of when you may want to use them and what each of them does. 

Police: Use when you need police assistance

When someone is attempting to break in.

By selecting police emergency panic, you’ll set off the alarm (perhaps scaring away the potential intruder) and notify us that you’re in an emergency that requires police response. We’ll contact you by either two-way voice or phone. We’ll also notify police of the emergency at your business and request immediate response.

Fire:  Use when you need assistance from the fire department

If your business is on fire, gather everyone up to exit immediately. Don’t even take time to look for your mobile phone. On the way out, trigger a Fire emergency with two quick taps on your panel. 

By selecting the Fire emergency panic, you’ll set off the alarm (perhaps alerting someone who is still inside your business) and notify us that you’re in an emergency that requires a response from the fire department. We’ll contact you by either two-way voice or phone. If you do not respond, we’ll attempt to reach one of your key contacts. We then notify the fire department of the emergency at your business and request immediate response.

Emergency:  Use when you need medical assistance

When you’re hurt and unable to call out and alert others that you need help. Go to your system panel and set off the Auxiliary/Medical emergency panic.

By selecting Auxiliary/Medical emergency panic, you’ll set off the alarm (alerting others of an emergency) and notify us that there is a medical emergency at your business. We’ll contact you by either two-way voice or phone. We then notify the proper authorities of the situation at your business and request immediate response.

Bypassing a sensor

To bypass a sensor means to deactivate a security sensor (or zone) on your security system. If someone enters a bypassed area, the alarm will not sound off. You can still arm and secure your system in other areas. 

There are a number of reasons to use the bypass function. You may want to leave a specific door or window open. It can also be useful when a sensor is not working (i.e., low battery). You could still arm the rest of your system until a technician can come fix the malfunctioning sensor.

To bypass a sensor:

There are two ways to Bypass a sensor on your SimonXT panel

Indirect method:

During the entry delay, the panel announces the open sensor. Press the Bypass button and the panel will announce which sensor is bypassed (e.g., back door bypassed). The panel will then arm everything else. You will be able to open and close the door or window as many times as you want without setting off the alarm. To cancel a bypass, simply disarm the panel.

Direct method:

If your system is already armed and the entry delay has finished, follow the steps below to bypass a sensor.

  1. Press the Bypass button.
  2. Enter your master code.
  3. Find the sensor (Sn) you wish to bypass and press OK. The screen display will indicate which sensor is bypassed.
  4. Wait five seconds and the system display will return to the business screen.

Changing the batteries – panel

How to change the batteries of the Simon XT/Interlogix panel.


  1. Disconnect the power.

    Locate the power plug for your alarm system and remove it from the outlet on the unit. You may need to use a screwdriver to remove a screw holding the plug in place.

  2. Open the system.

    To open the system, first remove the small screw at the top of the unit, if present. Then press the two top tabs on either side of the screw and gently pull the system away from the mounting plate. Allow the system to rotate downward until the screen and keypad are facing the wall.

    Note: It is normal for the system to beep when opened.  

  3. Remove the battery.

    Note how the battery is secured in the unit before removing it. Push the plastic clips (retaining the battery) apart, and remove the battery. Use caution when removing the battery as using force can damage the mounting bracket.

  4. Disconnect the lead wires from the battery.
  5. Gently remove the plastic connectors from the battery, and set the old battery aside. Warning: Do not touch any metal objects to the terminals on the battery or to the open end of the black and red wire connectors.

  6. Remove the plastic protectors from the new battery.

    If the replacement battery has plastic terminal protectors, remove them before connecting the wires to the new battery.  

  7. Connect the new battery.

    To install the new battery, repeat the preceding steps in reverse order. Connect the black wire from the system to the black (-) terminal on the battery, then connect the red wire from the system to the red (+) terminal on the battery. The battery will have colour coding and/or symbols where the wires should be connected (red/black) to help ensure proper installation.

  8. Install the battery.

    Firmly press the battery back into the unit until it is held in place with the plastic clips.  

  9. Close the panel.

    Rotate the system upwards, and press it back into the wall-mounting bracket. Replace the screw at the top of the panel (if applicable).

  10. Power up your system.

    Reconnect the power plug to the outlet. Replace the screw holding the plug (if it was removed). Your system is now powered back up.  

  11. Call technical support.

    Call 1 877 267-2004 to confirm the battery replacement was successful and the device is in proper working order.

What to do during an outage (power, Internet or phone)

What happens when the power goes out?

What happens when the power goes out?

If the power goes out in your business, the alarm portion of your security system will continue to function on the backup battery for up to 24 hours. However, video devices will be offline as they do not have a battery backup.

What happens when the Internet goes out?

What happens when the Internet goes out?

The alarm portion of your security sensor does not rely on your business Internet and it will not be affected. If you have video devices, they will not be able to record events without the Internet. However, if you have a stream video recorder (SVR), the cameras set to record to the SVR will continue to record as long as both units are powered and are still connected to the local Wi-Fi network (assuming the router is still functional). You won’t be able to view the footage from the SVR until the Internet is operational.

What happens when the phone line goes down?

What happens when the phone line goes down?

If you’re on our cellular-based system, you don’t need to worry about phone line outages as the security system is not tied to it. If you’re unsure whether you have a cellular-based system, please contact us at 1 800 267-2004.