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Bell Total Connect

Bell Total Connect Fully-featured

Fully-featured package

Long distance Enjoy unlimited calling to Canada and the U.S.1
Voicemail Including Voicemail to email
Mobile app To keep you connected from anywhere
Right now, enjoy these additional features at no extra cost.
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Auto Attendant
$45.95/mo. Promotional rate with a 3-year term commitment. Subject to annual change.2 View Pricing Details

Call Display

See the name and number of who is calling before you answer the phone.


Give customers the option to leave you a message if you’re not available – and listen to these messages on any phone.

Voicemail to Email

Stay organized with all your voice messages centralized to your inbox, easy to access and forward – no need to check your voicemail inbox to retrieve messages.

Call Forward

Forward incoming calls to another number.

Find Me & Follow Me

Route incoming calls to as many as five numbers in the order of your choosing.

Mobile App

Access all the unified communications capabilities of Bell Total Connect wherever you go.

Call Hold

Temporarily suspend a call without disconnecting.

Call Waiting

Get notified of incoming calls when you’re on the phone and switch between calls.

Call Line ID Block

Hide your company name and number from appearing on a recipient’s phone.

Call Park

Put a call on hold so another member of your team can pick it up.

Call Trace

Find out what number last called your business by dialing *57.

Call Transfer

Transfer an active call to another number, within or outside your business.

Desktop Application & Click to Call

Manage all your calling features, collaborate with colleagues using instant messaging, and make outgoing calls with the click of a button – all from a computer.

Do Not Disturb

Route incoming calls to your voicemail automatically.


Store the name, phone number, location code, and extension for all of your contacts, and access them easily from all your devices.

Last Number Redial

Quickly redial the last number that was dialled from that line.

Remote Office

Make and receive calls anywhere while appearing as though you’re working from your office.

Simultaneous Ring

Set multiple devices to ring when your business number is called.

Speed Dial

Assign a single-digit key to up to 10 phone numbers so you can quickly dial important contacts.

Three Way Calling

Add another person to an in-progress call.
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Bell Total Connect - Regular Rate


Month 1-36 promotional discount

- $9/mo.


  1. Long distance applies to direct-dialled calls to Canada and the continental U.S., including Alaska and Hawaii. Applies to outbound calls; excluding toll-free calls. Calls to certain conference or adult services or to high-cost areas may be restricted, and subject to other use restrictions in Terms of Service;
  2. Current as of June 10, 2019. Subject to a 3-yr term. Available to new customers in Québec, where access and technology permit and where Business Phone service is not CRTC-regulated. Subject to change without notice; cannot be combined with any other offer. Taxes extra. Early cancellation charges apply. Promotional rate with a 3-year term and is subject to increase up to 10% on the then regular rate, annually during the term; see Early cancellation charges apply. Limitations apply when dialling 9-1-1 from outside of your service address; see Fees for relay (13¢/mo.) and 9-1-1 (12¢/mo.) are included. For all calls made with the Bell Total Connect Mobile App, wireless airtime (not data) will be used and roaming charges may apply. Installation fees of $125 per phone line apply.