Top cyber threats in Canada and what they mean for businesses today

Canada’s cyber landscape is evolving at a rapid rate and your organization could be vulnerable to some of the most malicious security threats. As businesses drive connectivity and efficiency by expanding network access to remote users and moving applications to the cloud, the cyberattack surface has expanded. Recent trends and data reveal significant growth in sophisticated cyberattacks specifically designed to exploit new vulnerabilities in the wake of COVID-19. How can businesses identify and address the threats that matter now?

Watch David Senf, Senior Cybersecurity Strategist at Bell Canada, and Tony Lauro, Director of Security Technology and Strategy for Akamai Technologies, take an inside look at extensive data and analytics on:

  • How COVID has changed the threat landscape
  • The most notable types of attacks seen in Canada
  • Where businesses should focus security efforts in 2021
  • Steps that can be taken to address top emerging threats

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